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15 years experience producing compelling branded digital content, commercials, live events and features for the largest companies in the entertainment business including SONY Playstation, RAZER, Blizzard, Disney, EA, ESPN, ABC, NBC, CBS Sports, HBO, Golf Channel, Red Bull, PGA Network, BOSCH, Mercer, NATGEO, Discovery Channel, and various Esport championship events and commercials to name a few. As a freelance based creative director and digital feature producer I have had the unique experience to fulfill many roles in the industry allowing me to not only engage my talents within all processes and departments but to take a leadership role in the creative process and business of making award winning content. This experience makes me a valuable asset in creating a digital content team.

Creative Director [Freelance]

My passion for storytelling has built a small freelance based crewing company from a business working out of a my home to a thriving production company creating creative content for the largest companies in the world. I often tell people it beats working for a living.

  • Proactively keep my clients ahead of digital trends, market developments and creative opportunities
  • Executed a wide range of productions staffed up to 500+ creative team members with production budgets up to $75 million.
  • Hired and managed both union and non union staff world wide.
  • Provide ongoing leadership and supervision of creative team while we implement digital content campaigns.
  • Created budget system and new practices for cost benefit analysis of each production.
  • Increased profit margins from 5-15% to 35-50% per production.
  • Ensure on time delivery of all content deliverables within budgets.
  • Create and implement digital campaigns for multiple networks, game developers and fortune 500 companies.

Digital Content Producer [Freelance]

I have an expansive set of production skills that benefit my ability to manage productions and regulate the costs of delivering the expected project on time and one budget.

  • Conceptualizing, developing and leading award-winning digital work.
  • Designed & implemented  a digital training academy for BOSCH distributors & retailers
  • Currently managing up to 300 productions a year worldwide.
  • Projects won a total 18 National Emmy Awards and have been nominated for an Emmy every year since 2003
  • Produced over 500 full length TV episodes, show opens,video game content, live televised events, feature segments and commercials.
  • International work experience. Produced digital content in 11 countries.
  • Cultivated and directed talent from children as young as 3 to A list actors.
  • Your best friend when your production goes off the rails.


  • Thorough understanding of all production processes & departments.
  • Experienced in production scheduling, budget creation & management.
  • Proficient with recruitment & negotiation of vendors, crew & talent.
  • Creative direction for digital distribution, television & live events.
  • On set production management for commercial, televised live events, episodic series & live theatrical presentations.
  • Coordination, management & implementation of multiple crews & production staff for televised live events, commercials, episodic television.
  • 3D model design and animation VFX in C4D, Maya & After Effects
  • Create in game content  and viral marketing materials  for video games and video game live E Sport events.
  • Up to date knowledge & experience with technical processes for creation of digital content on multiple platforms including virtual & augmented reality.
  • Expert knowledge current post production software including AVID, Adobe Premier, After Effects, C4D, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop & Illustrator.
  • SOFTWARE PROFICIENCY: Adobe Creative Suite, C4D, Google Doc expert, Microsoft Suite, Project Management Base Camp, Asana.

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Scheduling, Budget Creation & Crew Management 90%
Recruitment & Negotiation of Vendors, Crew & Talent 100%
Creative direction for digital content, television & live events 99%


Adobe Premier, AVID & Final Cut Pro 95%
DaVinci Resolve 75%
Adobe Creative Suite [After Effects, Photoshop & Illustrator] 85%

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